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Para triunfar sobre el escenario solo se necesita hablar un lenguaje: el de la música. Así lo demostró el álbum Two beats one soul, presentado en concierto este jueves en el Teatro Mella.

De la mano del productor norteamericano Ray Chew y el músico cubano Manolito Simonet, surgió este disco de 13 canciones. Se escuchan en él las voces de más de 30 artistas, entre ellos Dj Louie Vega, Jon B, Josh Milan de Estados Unidos y los cubanos Pancho Amat, Rolando Luna, Edgar Martínez y Ossain del Monte.

“Este proyecto demostró que la música no está comprometida con ninguna cultura o idioma. Ray Chew y yo no podemos tener una conversación sin un traductor, él no habla español; yo no hablo inglés. Sin embargo, pudimos armar esto, lo que quiere decir que la música es un idioma intermedio capaz de unir. Two beats one soul es una ventana a Cuba y al mundo”, comentó Manolito Simonet.

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To triumph over the/this scene you only have to speak one language: music. That was demonstrated/shown in Two Beats One Soul, presented in concert this Thursday at the Mella Theater.

From the hand of the North-American producer Ray Chew and the Cuban musician Manolito Simonet, emerged this record of 13 songs. One hears in the voices more than 30 artists, among them DJ Louie Vega, Jon B., Josh Milan from the US and the Cubans Pancho Amat, Rolando Luna, Edgar Martinez and Ossain del Monte.

“This project demonstrated/showed that music is not committed to any culture or language. Ray Chew and I could not have a conversation without a translator, he does not speak Spanish; I do not speak English. Nevertheless, we could arm/launch this, meaning that music is an intermediary language capable of uniting. Two Beats One Soul is a window from Cuba to the world”, commented Manolito Simonet.

According to Vivian Chew, executive producer of the record, the presentation constitutes a real show of interchange between Cuba and the United States.

“It is the beat of the North-American music joined with that of Cuba. The beats of Ray Chew and Manolito Simonet send a message. Both have the same heart, the same spirit and that is what unites”, said Scott.

For his part, the United States musician Jon B., who interprets the song on the record, “Havana Moon”, commented that he has never participated in an enterprise like this.

“We wrote everything in Cuba, we went directly to the studio and immediately started playing. We communicated solely through music, this universal language that we all speak. For me, it is very special hearing a song that transports/translates you to where it was written, that way I will always return to Cuba when I want to go there”, he expressed.

The concert will be converted onto a DVD and will unite with the CD of Two Beats One Soul, recorded in the Abdala Studios and in Trabuco Music Havana 2017.

Two Beats One Soul, furthermore/again, a project directed by Ray Chew, musical director of Dancing with the Stars, en collaboration with Sergio George and Manolito Simonet.

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