‘DWTS’ Music Director Ray Chew and His Wife Vivian Scott Chew Have Mastered Marriage and Music

We love to see a power couple unite and make major business moves together. Ray Chew and Vivian Scott Chew aren’t just a model couple in the entertainment industry, they’re very successful business partners too. Chew is an accomplished musician, composer, producer, and currently in his eighth season serving as music director for ABC’s Dancing with The Stars. He previously worked on American Idol. Scott Chew has an impressive resume to match her husband’s. She has had many successes throughout her career in the entertainment business, and she brings a unique mix of experience as a former music executive at Polygram Records as Director of A&R, followed by a stint at Epic Records as Vice President of A&R, and Head of Urban at 550/Sony Music. She’s also the Founder and Principal of TimeZone International. Together the couple owns Chew Entertainment, an event production firm. Along with the pair’s love for music, they also share an unbreakable love and admiration for one another that is sure to inspire other couples who hustle side by side. We caught up with the power couple to talk love, marriage and music.

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