Album Of The Month | Two Beats One Soul

At a time of strife around the world, Two Beats, One Soul arrives, an incredible 13 track album showcasing the fusion of Cuban and American music.

Two Beats, One Soul features music from producers Ray Chew, Louie Vega, Sergio George and Cuba's own, Manolito Simonet. Simonet also joins fellow Cuban artists Ruben and Gabriel Rodriguez, Xiomara Laugart and Milagros Hodelin.

Representing the US are R&B/Soul mainstays Eric Benét, Jon B. and Josh Milan. Rounding out the project is Latin/Pop/Latin Soul artists Jean Rodriguez and Anané.

Our Howard Dukes gave a glowing review of the album, which has just been released on CD. We are extremely excited to present it as our Album of the Month. We think SoulTrackers will absolutely love this disc. Click below to check it out, and get ready to be immersed in the best of two incredible music cultures. Enjoy!

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